Dr. Jitesh Sharma


Dr.Jitesh Sharma successfully completed his  B.H.M.S  and started his journey to  cure people with his knowledge  of Homoeopathy. He has master knowledge & training  in treating Acute and Chronic diseases like Allergy, Dementia, Multiple sclerosis, Psoriasis , Cerebral Palsy , Autism, Cardio Vascular Diseases , Arthritis , Diabetes, Liver Diseases, Kidney Diseases , Renal Calculi etc. He had also completed his course in International Classical Homeopathy at the institute run by the Great Homeopath and Noble Prized Winner Prof.George Vithoulkas in Athens. He has undergone extensive real time Clinical training under Homeopaths like Dr.Rajan Sankaran Dr.Mahesh Gandhi , Dr.Dinesh Chauhan ,Dr.Gajanan Dhanipkar , Dr.S Sarkar,Dr.Shekhar Algundgi.He has also been trained under Dr.Amarsinha Nikam. He has actively been a part of several health camps at hospitals and private organizations.