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Yes the patient is only advised to avoid eating or drinking 15 minutes before or after taking homeopathic medication. One has to avoid coffee .Also avoid eating mint, camphor and menthol as these can hinder the action of the homeopathic medicine or antidote the effects of the medicine.

Homeopathy is curative. It treats the cause and not the expression (diagnostic symptoms of the disease) of the disease. The symptoms are only used as an indication to select the right remedy for the individual. It treats the person as a whole .its an holistic treatment Homeopathy takes into account the expressions of an illness characteristic to the individual and a curative remedy chosen on this basis gives a gentle and permanent cure at the earliest.

No, there are no side effects of homeopathic medicines. Some times the symptoms may get aggravated for short period of time, but this is a good sign that the homeopathic medicine is right and has started acting. Sometimes you may get cold, skin rash or little discharge after taking homeopathic medicine that means your body suppressed diseases are getting cleared.

Please use the phone number provided in website for appointment or email to correspond whenever possible. The Clinic treats hundreds of patients everyday and we are attempting to limit phone calls for the doctors any life threatening emergencies visit your nearest Hospital . For refill of your prescription  kindly mail or contact  at hopsital or whatsapp your prescription

Allow the pellets or tablets to dissolve on or under your tongue. Do not eat, drink or smoke anything 30 minutes before or after taking a remedy. This includes other medications as well as vitamins and supplements. Water is permitted anytime before or after a medicine

Yes, homeopathic medicines and the conventional drugs both can be taken at the same time because they are derived from different sources. Allopathic medicines are more chemical based while homeopathic medicines are from natural resources like plants, mineral and animal products

It is a myth that medicines act slowly.In acute cases well selected medicine acts much faster and effective. Its action is quick and the effect lasts much longer, The time taken for the cure is proportionate to the chronicity of the ailment. In fact if a patient seeks homoeopathic treatment at the earliest , he stands great chances of a really quick recovery. Example If a patient is suffering from Psoriasis and he is suffering for the last 10 years and has been to various systems of medicine. Now if you give him homeopathy and say in 1 years time the patient is completely alright that makes Homeopathy more faster or slower you can judge .

A homeopath needs to know every minutest detail about you which characterizes you, something which is unusual about you, so that he can find the right remedy for you. Homeopath needs to understand you, your nature, your complaints and your disturbed mental and emotional state in order to reach to the core of your case and select the right remedy  in order to cure you and make you free from your illness.

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