“Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease.” —HIPPOCRATES (460—400 B.C.)

Classical Homoeopathy Training Centre:

Aim of our workshop is to create awareness about Classical Homeopathy through Hahnemannian method for practitioners & students. To make it first choice of treatment in acute,sub-acute,chronic,life-threatening diseases and even in emergencies. Increase your success rate in your practice by giving single remedy & minimum dose .Learn classical way of case taking ,miasms,prescription their importance & Materia medica .All these play important role in selection of proper similimum which help the sick to restore health.



About Our Hospital:

The main aim of the JDS MULTI- SUPERSPECIALITY HOMOEOPATHY HOSPITAL & RESEARCH CENTRE is to increase the awareness of homoeopathy. That first Pvt. Homeopathic Hospital and Research Centre of the Odisha State JDS Multi Super Specialty Homeopathic Hospital and Research Centre was inaugurated by Dr. Ramjee Singh, President, Central Council of Homeopathy on November 2014 as a Special Guest and had thanked Dr. Deoshlok Sharma & Dr.Jitesh Sharma for establishing such kind of Hospital at Jharsuguda. The college also aims to provide good training  to the Doctors who have recently passed out from any Homoeopathic college or to the Doctors who are practicing  without having any knowledge of current modernization or technical advancement. To bridge this gap, in this field and continuous approach of improvement of Homoeopathy Skill, Dr. Deoshlok Sharma  and Dr. Jitesh Sharma, Director of JDS Multi-super Specialty Homeopathy Hospital & Research Centre based in Jharsuguda (Odisha) has newly opened this institute with an Aim of providing healthcare & Quality Method Advancement techniques to the Homeopath.




  • OPD ( Outdoor patient department )
  • IPD Facilities : 30 Bed (Indoor patient Dept)
  • Separate Female /Male Ward
  • C.G ,P.F.T Facility
  • Cardiac Observation Room
  • Consulting Rooms : 4 Consulting Room
  • Case Taking Rooms : 2 Case Study Room
  • Laboratory Testing Facility
  • Medicine Dispensing Room
  • 50 Seated Auditorium

with these various new research and techniques which would help them in bringing the Smiles back to the patient and increasing their own Rapport in the Society and additionally breaking the Myth of Homeopathy which is being created by the other Physicians. Inspiring the next generation of homeopaths, the vision of this institute is very broad; it has focused on bringing homeopathy close to mainstream medicine by research, scientific application and practice and to be recognized as leaders in homeopathy. In this Institute, various courses and regular seminars are conducted to build-up confidence for beginners as well as to the Doctors who are running their Clinics.

Usually, it has been seen that, After students have passed out from Homeopathy College, they usually rush to open and run a clinic without having much Practical Knowledge.  Here, comes the JDS Multi-super Specialty Homeopathy Hospital & Research Centre which connects the students with Eminent Homeopath Speakers of India with their Live Discussion by the Specialists and the Research Papers from the Leading Homoeopathic Scholars. This helps upcoming as well as Practicing Doctors to gain a lot and improve their skills in treating the patients smoothly. Location advantage of JDS though it is located in Jharsuguda (Odisha), It has some Location advantages too. It is centrally located in between three states – Odisha, Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand. All the three States Capital i.e Bhubaneswar, Raipur and Ranchi are situated within 300 kms, well connected with rail ,road & airways. Odisha’s Second Airport is also at Jharsuguda Flights daily from, Delhi, Kolkata , Hyderabad can make you reach easily at our hospital.

Why you should choose JDS HOMOEOPATHIC HOSPITAL ?

We have OPD of 100-150 Patients per day for clinical learning & training  We provide our students direct interaction with patients with our resident doctors in order to provide efficient learning . We are holistic in approach, so cures patients perfectly. Gentle cures, no medicinal hang over. or after-effects. Every patient is treated as individual We treat Acute disorders  as well as  Chronic disorders Arthritis , osteoporosis , Avascular Necrosis ,Hemangioma ,Retina Detachment , Hemiplegia ,Paralysis ,Retinal Hemorrhage, Cerebral Palsy, Disc Herniation ,Congenital Deformities, Loss of hearing ,Lipoma , PID,Optic Nerve Atrophy, Prolapsed Vertebral Disc, Cervical Spondylitis ,ADD & ADHD ,Trigeminal Neuralgia, TMJ, Bronchitis, Chronic Renal Failure ,Thyroid ,Dermatological conditions like Psoriasis, Vitiligo, Lichen Planus, Atopic Eczema, Palliative measures for cancer patients, Migraine and other tension headache, Hair loss various gynecological problems, Tumors ,Fibroid , infertility in males, Recurrent abortions , allergy and asthma,  pediatric ailments and various life style diseases.


We are conducting regular following topics  in  Seminars and Workshops  with experience  Doctors

  • Practical application of case taking techniques by integrating the fundamental principles of Classical Homoeopathy
  • Detailed discussions with senior homoeopaths on case-taking, case understanding, and case management.
  • Differentiating between common and characteristic symptoms
  • Converting characteristic symptoms into rubrics
  • Selecting the Similimum
  • How to manage acute emergency situations
  • Further refinement in case taking techniques
  • The institute is well furnished and equipped with all modern air conditioned sitting arrangement with Audio / Video presentation facilities which gives a student a comfortable learning experience.

“Overall the institute is the best upcoming institute in terms of providing the upcoming students as well as the Doctors a good platform in increasing their skill.”