Case Studies

Case Studies

Female Age – 47

Date – 4th october 2014

Leucorrhea – profuse

Back pain during leucorrhoea

My main problem is leucorrhea

Weak and cannot move ,” ghayal hojate hain”

Im very much worried about my health

Head pain  before menses

No strength

Diagnosed with Sickle cell disease/ thalassemia

Actually all problem started after my marriage

After  my marriage  I was underestimated whole life they  demanded money  from my family slowly sloly my family also got frustrated they also started taunting me that im coming to their home to just take money

(Weeping continuously)

My family Gradually  lost everything

I lost my husband , it was a big tragedy in my life my

in-laws also trouble  me a lot  so I shifted back to my father house

now they also don’t treat me well , they think I m a burden for them

im cornered   everybody treats as if im nothing in home

my in laws  just Tortured me whole life,

Fear  of water ‘

Fear something will happen

Dreams ?

Not remember

Thirst – Normal   Persp – Normal

Wake up startled

I have fear of Fall when I look down

I feel like I fall into hole while walking this dream I see repeatedly

History of tuberculosis

My children doesn’t talk to me nicely they are always talk rudely  with me as if m nothing to them I feel so bad  that  I feel I should  do something to  myself ,

Leucorrhoea brown

Perspiration yellow staining  ,


Head pain menses before

Fear: falling, downstairs

Ailments from: scorn, being scorned

Anxiety: health, about

Weeping: tearful mood

Loathing: life of

Fear: happen, something will

Leucorrhea Brown

Perspiration Yellow

Remedy :

Lac can 30 (tds for 15 days )

Follow up : Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Hb 10.0

Patient :Overall well  im happy my Hb got increased till now I never got hb above 6

My leucorrhea stopped

Sac lac was given for 1 month

Followup : December 10, 2014


Condition improved and

Mentally & physically feeling better

Followup : February 24 ,2015

Hb 10

No more fear of falling  . loathing

Cheerful and happy

Followup : April  15 ,2015

Hb 10 .  mentally not feeling well had a fight in home   , sleep not well , feeling offended easily at trifles .Guilt feeling

Prescribed  LAC CAN 200  one dose

Followup: June 10 ,2015

Hb 11   sleep is improved  .

No more  guilt feeling

Mentally & Physically no more problems

Sac Lac was given for 15 days

Followup : July  24th ,2015

Hb 11 .

Patient :Now my hemoglobin is  better & constant

Doctor I don’t have any more problems   my anxiety was one of the main problem besides headache  which is much better after you gave me medicine last.

Female Aged 45 years old

Past history :

Uterus Removed on July 2012

Chronic Headache

Complaints since December 2015

Pain in upper abdomen

Back Pain

Vomiting twice

Pain in right leg


Not like to eat  or drink anything

No Sleep

Tongue has no taste

No Sleep


Endoscopy  showed Duodenitis

Blood Sugar Normal

Renal Function Test Normal

USG  showed Fatty Infiltration of Liver

Colonoscopy Normal

P: Allopathic Medicines were taken  they gave slight relief then gain it started

Doctor you can see my all reports are normal

D: Tell me about your pain ?

P- pain is very severe  upper abdomen , both side pain

Vomiting tendency  always . doctor  pain is very unbearable. Its burning  too

D: Since when you are having this ?

P – Doctor since December 2015  im getting this pain   I have visited many doctors , visited priests , pandits  everyone who can relive me from this pain

But still no hope  the pain subsides and then it comes back

Please  help me  I got  your reference  from my uncle   you are the only hope please tell me the actual problem  why am I suffering from this ?

D: you have issues with your stomach  liver & pancreas that’s why you are having this severe pain .

P : Doctor  there is strong burning in my stomach with heaviness in chest and the pain radiates

D: Anything else you have besides this ?

P: I have severe migraine  since 7-8  years pain is always one sided. Its so uncontrolled  that I had to take zupar ( medicine for head pain ) for relieving the pain

Ok this is not important doctor  but my abdomen pain is very painful please give me medicine for that .

D: I said you  to do  lipase test

P- yes I did  its very high according to reports   but still I don’t understand  why dint the gastroenterology did this test  that too they were specialists for this .

D: its okay what ever happened  its past  now  tell me what do you do for relieving the pain ?

P-: Nothing  I take pain killers but still after 2-3 hours pain come back .

D: okay  tell me about the burning of stomach

P: chest is burning my stomach is burning sometimes I throw up the water which I drink

D: okay

P:  yes doctor  I just want to get rid of this pain  any thing you will tell I will do

D:  stop all oily food intake

P:  yes doctor anything else ?

D:  Eat very simple food  .

P: Doctor one thing I want to tell you my pain radiates to right side of the back always whenever  I get pain . My appetite is good but due to pain I avoid the food

My general living has been affected  badly due to this pain.

D : Do you have any fear ?

P: I have fear of high places I cannot look downward from high places

D:  What do you prefer  to eat  ?

P:  Mostly sweets  I take

D:  Do you feel vomiting during the headache ?

P: No I don’t sometimes very rare

D: mostly which side all your pain affected ?

P: Right side  my pain every severe in right side  along with burning in chest

D: ok  im giving you the medicine after 10 days get the lipase test done then report me .

Prescription :  2nd July 2016



Phosphorus  30

BD for 10 days

Lipase Report  on 2nd July 2016

Follow up:

10th  July  2016

Lipase Report 10th July 2016

D: Tell me how are you feeling now ?

P: Pain is much better feeling relieved 70%  Back pain was shooted up one night after ½ hour it was  a relief  and good sleep after that till 7 am  after that there was heaviness in head then I was relived after few hours after sleep

Motion was  normal & no more tendency to vomit

D: okay continue the medicine report me after 15 days

Followup :

21st July 2016

D: Now tell me about your pain

P: yes doctors I m much much relived now as you can see also my reports have improved a lot I did  twice  and the results are very much improving  im better  from the condition  I was suffering .Thank you so much . im really happy to see my reports.

D: how is your headache  you had ?

P: doctor  that’s what im going to tell you  my headache has been improved much  now I don’t get so much pain as I use to get earlier   .

D:  okay  im giving to another medicine please report me after 1 month

Prescription 21st july :


Sac Lac  30

One dose daily   for 3 months


Age – 8 years old Male

Chief complaints-

Muscular dystrophy since 6 years

Cpk-2873  Dt 21 -12 2016

Mother history during pregnancy :


No complaints

Milestone :

Birth weight – 3 kg

Standing – 1 and half years of age

Speaking – 8-9 month

Teething – 1and half year of age

Sitting- at the age of 7 month

D- Tell me what is the problem with child ?

Father – he is unable to walk properly sir

You can see  there is no strength in his legs

D- Since when he had ?

Father – I think almost 6-7 years  he could not even walk  whenever he tried he falls on ground

D- Mother had any problem during preganancy ?

Father – No she dint had any problem

D- Anything else?

Father – Sir he is afraid of dark  too much

D- it is very normal  for all children

Father – no sir he cannot even sleep unless light is on .

D- what else?

Father- nothing more his leg are thin you can see  and I think he has indigestion problem

His diet is good still his weight never improved

D- what more you can tell about him ?

Father- nothing more sir  but sir he cried a lot tells that his legs are paining

Always he says legs are paining  my wife apply oil and rub  his legs he feels better

Observation :

Trembling while standing. ( observation )

Trembling while rising from sitting.

Unable to walk properly.

Easily falling down.

Cant bear heavy weight.

Muscular pain

Joint pain.

Loss of strength.

Late learning to walk

D- what  he likes to eat ?

Father – anything he can eat

Father  – we have come with freat hope so far  sir please do something

Will my son will ever walk sir ?

Please guide us  what can be done   when we discussed with you on phone you told us to do the blood test CPK  we did its very high sir  2783 in december  we are afraid sir what is this CPK

We came now to you as we were not getting time to come toy your place as it its so far from our place

D-   im trying my best to help you child  yes I doubted that CPK must be high  that’s why I told you to come and visit  me but you are coming after 2 months now

Father – sir  I know we came late but please tell me  will my son will be okay ?

D- im giving you two months medicine  after that repeat the CPK  then visit me

Prescription : 27/02/2017


Calcarea phos-30

SL  for Two months

Reason :

Calcarea Phosphorica ( LIPPE KEY NOTES RED LINE )

Children; emaciated, unable to stand; slow in learning to walk

Calcarea phosphorica ( Smith’s Prescriber )

Many children need this remedy during the growing period. If the head bones are slow in forming, or do not keep pace with the growth of the child; where the child is losing flesh, slow learning

Follow Up :  5/4/2017

Mother ( on Phone)  –  sir  we have did the test  all of sudden CPK came to 175

We are in shock sir   my child is now cycling walking  doing all activities sir  what you did sir

We cant believe  sir  thank you sir we will come to visit you soon im sending you latest CPK report.

NOTE : Patient is still under observation & treatment.This condition cannot be cured by Homoeopathy but we can help and manage.

Case of Myotonic Dystrophy in a 40 Year Male

Patient is still under treatment and his condition has been is improving under Homoeopathic Treatment Myotonic Dystrophy cannot be cured but Constitutional Homoeopathic treatment can only help the patient.

Case Report :

25 September 2018

Male. 40 years


Myotonic Dystrophy- Type 1 Diagnosed 16 years ago

investigation – 27/10/16- left small exophytic cyst kidney Creatine kinase – 388 (28.6.2018)

Chief c/o

16 years ago unable to open up the palm/fingers while closed contracted muscles, unable to relax

Problems in heavy lifting/walking

Past history

malaria-5 months back

Family History

MotherHypertension (heart issue may be due to dystrophy)

Grand father(MATERNAL ) – Hypertension father-heart bypass surgery Grand mother(MATERNAL ) -Tuberculosis

Sister-Myotonic dystrophy elder brother-died …(had an accident 5-6 months before death)

Physical generals

app-good thirst- cold water desire tongue-coated stool-not clear, small quantity, 2 times/day since 1.6 years back urine-n sweat-n bathing-like warm water in winter sleepy position-left and right desire-sweets++,salt+ aversion-eggplant

Physical appearance–emaciated body, sunken face, weak, baldness, changes in voice, eyeball bulging out, infertility


joint family financial-good study-ba 2nd yr weak in study in ba 1st yr, vertigo during reading more problem started during this period

After marriage- all good understanding/supportive wife they adopted a child, due to his problem now

separate family financial-good occupation-business thinking about the  development of business occupation desire only less friendly now a days due to his business management less talkative, talks to the point shares his feelings only to his wife dreams of ghost, travelling with friends fear/anxiety of being alone.what will happen if there is anything wrong anger easily if there is any mistakes, sudden anger, scolding over them/leave that palace memory-good sad if someone telling anything wrong about his Family members company desire/family


Towards chilly

Remedy – Kali phos 30

4 weeks weekly once

& sac lac for 4 weeks



It has been used very extensively and has been landed universally. It is generally adaptable to cases, showing a great want of nerve power. All the nerve cells are in a state of depletion. This total bankruptcy of vitality belies a true state of adynamia.


The acid monopotassium phosphate, KH2PO is the preparation mennt. In kali. phos. both constituents unite in their actions to form the picture of muscular and nervous exhaustion as it arises partly from overwork and partly from psychic causes.


Dr Schuessler’s great remedy for conditions arising from want of nerve power. The patient is NERVOUS; SENSITIVE, WEAK, AND EASILY FAGGED; by slight causes, like pain, worry, mental fatigue etc. Neurasthenia. Paralysis; infantile;Emaciation; wasting diseases


Creatine kinase-299(24.9.2018)

Hb-13.8 rbc – 4.43 heamocrit-41.4 neutrophils-47 lymphocytes-44 monocytes-03 eosinophil-06 platelet count – 2.12

1.he can lift things he is  able open the shutter of his shop , hold objects do not fall from his hand , griping is improved.

1. weight is increased

3. walking slowly

4. can’t sit on ground. if he sits he can’t get up

can’t properly open and close his handapp-good(increased after taking medicine ) thirst- less stool- not clear .. soft stool .. urine – clear


1. Can open and close his hand 2. Now can sit and stand up without support STOOL- CLEAR URINE – CLEAR


Better feeling weakness has reduced Can hold objects , APP- GOOD

Remedy – REPEAT

 NOTE – Patient is still under treatment and he is under observation till now he has been responding well and improving under Homoeopathic treatment.

20th October 2018 First visit 

Male 63 year old

psoriasis since 30 years

Chief c/o

location – palms ,feet, itching ,cracks , no discharge cold air itching agg

diabetes since 10 years sleeplessness

Past History:

diarrhoea and vomiting every year

Family History:

Father -Diabetes Mellitus  Brother -Diabetes Mellitus

Physical Generals:

diet -mix app – normal cannot tolerate hunger fasting agg perspiration comes and doesnt feel good habit – alcohol, bhang ,pan sleep – sides on chest – normal perspiration – profuse earlier now scanty skin – psoriasis complaints bladder – prostate operation done on 1994


family oriented one son is settled another is not settled anxiety about family sleepless anxiety from likes to joyful contradiction lies doesn’t like



Repertory sheet

 20 October 2018

 Remedy – Kali Ars

4 pills twice a day sac lac 4 weeks

Reason for Kali Arsenicum : (SUBSTANCE OF HOMEOPATHY )

Kali-ars is one of the most anxious patients in the Materia medica; almost crazy with anxiety. He feels weak and needs support (Kali) and yet cannot trust anyone (Ars). He is highly organised, extremely fastidious and very careful and cautious.Develops chronic inveterate skin complaints like psoriasis.Very chilly; cannot have his legs and feet uncovered


Psoriasis: scaly itchings causing him to scratch till an ichorous fluid discharges, forming a hard cake.Discoloration of skin after psoriasis and lepra. Psoriasis in numerous patches, with great itching, the patches becoming more active, scale off, and are replaced by smaller, they leave behind them a red skin.

FOLLOW UP: 24.11.2018

Psoriasis on palms and soles-decreased.. itching decreased new patches on both hands.. no itching sleep disturbed.. awake at early morning(3 am) appetite-good stool not clear gas formation(using allopathic medicine for it)



FOLLOWUP: 24.11.18

Fasting sugar-112.4

FOLLOW UP :9.1.19

Fasting sugar 105 psoriasis- completely improved now


FOLLOW UP :9.1.19





FOLLOWUP : 23-2-19  

Improved from Before












FUP 13 JULY  2019 






Periungual Warts in a Man of 19 –

 11 March 2019

Male  19 yr


Periungual warts

Chief c/o

Warts Sinces 2 years first started in left hand below index finger then spreading to thumb dorsal part of hand upper lip and left foot

warts spreading nature surface dry and rough without pain lt>rt side
habit of nail biting nail become thick in lt side hand

Physical Generals

Desire-chicken++,paneer, mushroom, salty ,pickles
Mouth-thirst less whitish tongue, dry ,
Extracted caries teeth
Stool-once, clear
Urine-frequent urination
Sweat- profuse forehead from
Sleep-irregular sleeping habit lying on abdomen
Covering desire
Dream- traveling fighting ,meeting with people


Dislike to be alone -got depressed like someone to be with him he like to go with someone anywhere
he don’t like to do work under anyone bossy child do not to be dominated subject interest-computer ,difficulty physics hate-math superior behavior like knows all things reserved talkative good adaptability active distract easily hobbies dancing badminton swimming hoarseness of voice due to over using anger short temper can shoot anyone anger on contradiction  close to her grad mother after her death her became shocked for 2-3 month then suddenly one day cry continuously for one day fearless daring fear to his father +++due to he beat him a lot without any cause can’t revolt him on  face to face decisive ,precocity+++, dominating, happy when eating traveling and acting


summer agg
ac temp 19-20 in winter also
Hot patient

 Totality :

Remedy – Lac can 30 one dose -sac lac for 4 weeks

Followup :12/5/2019

Better improvement after taken medicine ..
1.wart in fingers & palm :>90 percent reduced
-no itching /pain

2.molluscum in lips : reduce 


Follow up:20 August 2019

Better now

No more relapse of warts

Case of Avascular Necrosis of Femur Head –

Age 33  , Male


Avascular necrosis left femur

Swelling left side

D-  what is the problem ?

P-  I have pain while walking

D- what else ?

P-  since 6 months I m having pain  I cannot walk  due to this

D- anything else ?

P-  no

D- since when  your hair is falling ?

P-  when I took allopathic drugs

D- what else ?

P-  nothing sir is it dangerous

D- why ?

P- I  wont die  because of this  sir  please tell me

This pain has make me  very weak there is swelling also please check sir

D- Tell any dreams you see?

P-  I see my death dreams that is what make me more fear

D- any other dreams ?

P-  I see dreams  of people who are dead

D- do you know them ?

P- yes few I  know few are unknown

D- okay

D- anything else?

P- nothing

D- show me your nails

P- sir  it break always   its very delicate  is it a problem?  actually its since my childhood sir

D- okay  what else?

P- nothing sir that’s much  I  told you  all  sir

D- ok i want to tell you that this problem takes a lot of time  in improvement  you need to continue the medicine for may be up to 1 year or  6 months  minimum

P – sir im so much in pain I can continue for 2 years  no problem but I don’t want to do operation   I don’t have that much money also I have heard its  very costly also .

D- ok need not worry start the medicine will see later what can we do .

Prescription : 16 February 2015


Flouric Acid  30



For 6 months

Follow up :

18 July 2015

D- how is the pain ?

P-  its much better from earlier  I  know it will take time  I have full faith in you that you will make me alright

d- are you still seeing dream s?

P-  no I don’t see any dreams now

D- ok continue the medicine

Prescription :


Flouric acid 30


Sac lac

For 3 months

Follow up :

29 November 2015

D- How are you ?

P- Im fine sir earlier  I use to limp  now limping has been reduced  I can walk  straight  without limping

D- Any other problems ?

P-  I had some cold that went  now its fine

D- Any more pain ?

P-  No but sir sometimes I get the pain  when I lift heavy things

D- No you should not lift any heavy things

P- medicine is all finished now what has to be done

D- I will give the medicine for longer time  because this changes will take more time .

P-  okay sir

Prescription :


Flouric Acid  30

B  D

Sac Lac for  6 months

Follow up :

13 April  2016

D-  How are you doing  now ?

P-  im  good

D- hows the pain now ?

P-  better still slightly  but much better from earlier

D- okay continue the medicine for next 6 months  then I need xray  of the hip when you come time next okay.

P- ok sir I will bring the xray   that same part has to be done

D- yes

Prescription :


Flouric Acid  30

B  D

Sac Lac for  6 months

Follow up:

3rd November 2016

P- sorry sir  I came late due to some problem I dint came  on time

D- its okay

D- show me the xray

P- sir  its better from earlier xray person told me  as I did last xray at his place .

D- yes  much better  as we can compare from earlier xray

P- yes sir  and even pain is much better  im feeling good  now  sir

It took around 1 year  but im ok now thank you sir

D- okay no  problem  I told you it will take time

Continue the medicine for more 3 months  then  come & visit me

Prescription :


Flouric Acid


Sac lac for 4 months

Followup :

22nd March 2017

D- how are you feeling   ?

P- im fine sir

D- okay now good   no need to take any medicine  maintain good diet

P- ok sir

Prescription :


Case of  Behaviour Disorder

(Violent Anger )

AGE – 35

D –  how life ?

P – good

D- eating habits ?

p-All good I drink tea  lot   if I overeat I avoid food at night

D- sleep ?

P – night 10: 30 to 6 : 00 am

D – perspiration ?

P –  not much

D-  What  your qualification ?

P- B com ,my calculation is very much fine

D- Hobbies ?

P – movies , restaurant , roaming

D- any issue ?

P – no  just  1.5 years  of marriage

( front baldness )  observation

D-  all good  ?

P – yes  actually sir when someone taunt  or say  it keep stays in mind

Whenever  there is fight  I don’t know what I say in anger

My weight is 77kg

D- Taunt  means ?

P – Don’t do like this like  don’t sit like dis

I avoid but when there is excess I start  like infront of many people say  I get

D- what happens

P – I get angry   I feel people neglecting me

my bp get rised  ,jis speed se gussa ata hain an usi speed se kum bhi hojata hain

D- what else ?

P – I cannot sit at one place   you can make me run how much you want  but I cannot sit at one place

I travel 70 km up  down  to axis bank

D- eating likes ?

P-  sweets I like ,  colddrinks , like

Don’t like at all   bittergourd  , bitters things I don’t like

D- life happy moment ?

P – friends  darjeeling  tour and wife honeymoon

D- Tell about anger ?

p- 4 people sitting  once u told me don’t eat this  then again you repeat it  I get annoyed

im not a child that you will teach me   , face to face ignore

D- how much you like cold ?

P- I like cold I still bath in cold water now in winter

D- do you feel hatred ?

P –  now  im feeling   person I ignore  I respect them too

D- any sad moments ?

P-  yes a lot  lot of  targets,guilt  feeling  I said something jokingly in my wife home

I felt she  doesn’t wanna come  back to home  , I  said it directly  she ignores me , she neglects me

She has blocked me whatsapp , call text

When my bp get high I don’t think what I say

D- Did you had piles  in past ?

P – yes 5 year back  I had now I fine   doctor told me to avoid spicy food

D- what else?

P – sir jo hogaya so hogaya galti kisse nahi hoti hain

Whenever I went to sausral I always say don’t treat me at jamai

I don’t like someone treating me like special

I get hungry I will ask food ,   I told them don’t treat me like  special

I feel suffocation

D- Tell about it ?

P- I don’t like crowd   I get sweat in crowd  ,  I sweat a lot in crowd

like ganesh visharjan I don’t like  people standing for very long

D- u have warts ?

P- yes in neck

D- you like spicy  ?

P – I like but now I don’t eat

My main problem is anger  when people neglect me  I get anger

My wife wants me to give time at night I cannot  as I have to work next day

Regularly I cannot



Nit Acid 200

TDS for 15 days

Follow up  26 Jan 2016 :

D-How are you feeling ?

P-Im better as earlier I would get anger quickly  but now it takes time  im feeling good , feel more relaxed

Sac Lac 1 month given

Follow up 21 Feb 2016

D – How are you feeling over all ?

P – I much better sir  as earlier  i used to react very suddenly  I . I don’t react much now .  im feeling better

Sac lac for 2 month Given

Follow up 10 March 2016

D- How are you doing ?

P –  sir  my wife came back  now   had an small incident  I was very tired I came back home  . she dint had food . I started having it as I was hungry  I thought she would do it with me eventually but she hitted me with shoes kept

I got angry I slapped her  hard. I dint had intention to hit her  it was so spontaneous that  as soon as she hit me with shoes  I felt very bad and anger .

Next day she called her dad and asked him to take her away otherwise she will do something  .

D-  how did it happened ?

P – sir I dint wanted to hurt , I started giving surprises to her , I was so happy  she came back  I planned dinner outside for her I did everything to make her happy . my fault was this that I dint asked her to eat rather than I started eating thinking that she would started eating too along with me . tell me what was my fault ?

D- ok  continue this med and report me after 2 month


Nit acid 200 one dose given in d/w  followed by sac lac for 2 month

Follow up 20th May   2016

D- everything is well now ?

p- yes  everything is well   even if  it was not my fault Im still asking for forgiveness  I know I hurt her  but hitting your own husband by shoe  was not right  na  sir ?  how can someone hit her husband by shoe .

anyways  im very much relaxed and calm now .Thank you sir

Dt 30/1/2019

Female 19 years Foot Corn


Foot Corn

Chief C/O

Jod-Corn In left sole since 9 months.  After an operation multiple corns grew.

1.Corn -left sole last 9 months
Painful, sensitive to touch
<walking, least touch

Past Ho

Corn operated on

Family Ho

Mother – Migraine

Physical Generals

Desire-Sweet, Potato, Pickles +++
Aversion-Milk, Green Vegetables
Headache due to stress
Sleep-Late night sleep, sometime insomnia, sleep in afternoon.
Sleep unrefreshing -Position- both sides
Covering- Covers up to head even in summer
Pillow-head how

Mense- Dysmenorhhoea since puberty
pain one day before and during mense
Pain In Lower Abdomen, lower back and both leg
Normal Flow
Duration-4-5 Days


Education-Student of law

Joint Family
Financial Condition-Sound
Nature-Obstinate, Pampered
Desires Company
Close To-Maternal Aunt
Suppressed Anger

Joint Family
Short Tempered
Angry When-Shout
Jolly Jesting
Reaction To Criticism-Irritability
Desires Company
Weeps Easily
Hobbies-travelling, reading and writing poem and stories, she has written one novel

Thermal  – can’t tolerate cold weather
warm water bath in winter
fanning in summer
covering-covers up to head in summer, heavier covers in winter


Totality :

Remedy – Antimonium Crud. 30

Two Doses Weekly Once

Sac Lac 4 Weeks


Horn-like excrescences and disposition to abnormal organizations of the skin.Corns and callous excrescences on the feet.


MIND Dreamy, sentimental. Warts horny.

Follow-up:10 April 2019 

After Treatment No More Corn

Guttate Psoriasis In a Man Of 28

 Date  8-3-2018

Age – 28 male


Guttate psoriasis 

chief c/o

Psoriasis on whole body except face since 4 to 5 months

-itching since 2 month, sometime pain pricking sensation on the body while exposure to sun

cough since 4 months – plug like sensation in the throat

cough<morning, after eating, at night, on afternoon

Past History

malaria 2 years back
typhoid 5-6 yrs back
tuberculosis 4-5 yrs back

Family History

Father-kidney stone

Physical Generals  

Habit-pan (betel) , tea
thirst-Large quantities Large intervals

stool-not clear, constipation
perspiration-profuse on back
sleep-disturbed ,position lying on abdomen


childhood at town

childhood-joint family,financial condition very poor,close to father

Now :
Joint family
Financial condition sound
Anger not easily
Like to spend time with other
Express his problem to other
Emotional, weeping easily
Consolation  amel
Confusion of mind while taking decisions ,like to talk with people
Fear of snake


always use normal water use for bathing
cooler, fan required
fain in slow speed required in winter
thick covering use in winter
more chill feel in foot and hand(only finger)

Repertorisation Chart


Remedy – Arsenicum alb 30

for 1 month weekly once

sac lac 4 weeks

Follow -up :6/4/18
No improvement at all, coughing < morning, blocked throat due to cough

CHANGE OF REMEDYArs Iod 30  – 4 doses. weekly once   

Sac lac for 4 weeks

Reason ( ALLEN SKIN )

Objective – Chronic, scaly eruptions; dry scaly eruptions, cancer or malignant diseases of the skin


Persistent itching of various parts of body, most of back.

Chronic skin affections.



It is a remedy par excellence in psoriasis and in ichthyosis. the most significant symptom is marked exfoliation of skin in large scales which leaves raw, bleeding surface underneath. the strumous or psoric diathesis on conduction with Arsenic symptoms should always an invaluable guide in the selection of the remedy.

I prescribed Arsenic as first remedy as all the symptoms were more similarity with it  but it  dint help him at all then after seeing repertory chart and reading ARS was exact match hence it covered his most symptoms thus lead the patient to improve his condition

Follow -up : 23/4/18
itching at night 90 % improved
pricking sensation on body while exposure to sun, cough remains


Follow-up :6/6/18

Eruptions has been reduced. No more itching photos has been attached





Psoriasis- 90 % improvement ,now much better

Follow up :3 August 2019

He is improved till now no relapse has been seen.