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About our Hospital

Odisha’s First Private Homoeopathic Hospital with modern facilities ,Academy,Pathology & Rehabilitation center.


Welcome to JDS Homoeopathic Hospital

We  Homoeopaths who have been treating acute, chronic & mental  diseases extensively  even gross pathological cases who has lost hope we try to treat them and recover them from their suffering . We treat patients worldwide.

Homeopathy is an art .Case taking has very important role in Homeopathy a Homeopath should take every case  very seriously in order to reach cure.Here  in hospital we have trained Doctors ,Pathological investigation ,Psychological ,,Parental Counselling , Dietician & many more . Online patients can avail Skype consultation , FaceTime mostly communications through email .

Our Homeopaths have been trained under world best Homoeopaths .Homoeopath around the world  come here and teach the doctors & students in order to improve their skills and knowledge .Highly qualified at their best.

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We Care About You

Embrace your Health

Homeopathy is a holistic treatment  safe effective & cures completely from its roots .We extensively study the case work on it to give him the cure .

Acute Diseases

Homeopathy works great in  Acute conditions are severe and sudden in onset cases like Common cold , flu ,cough , fever ,Headache,Stomache Vomiting diarrhoea & other acute illnesses .Homeopathic medicine given in such cases acts very well .

3D render of a medical image of close up of ankle bone in foot

Chronic Diseases

Homeopathy in chronic illness or congenital disorders & mental disorders help  to eliminate the causes from root level .A chronic condition, by contrast is a long-developing syndrome, such as osteoporosis or asthma ,Autism,Cerebral palsy ,Psychological disorders, Kidney diseases,PCOD,Fibroid,Rheumatoid arthritis other chronic illness.


Workshops & Certificates for Doctors & Students

We have Homoeopathic workshops regularly for training & education for upcoming Homoeopathic students and Doctors .Leading Homeopaths around the world come here to train students and doctors

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