Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer

Carcinoma of Breast is very commonly found specially in females 60 years. It is uncommon under 40 years. It is common in blood group A subjects. Blacks are more affected then the white. Some regions of the globe. e.g., Chile, Central America, Colombia, Japan have very high incidence .

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Following medicines are to be used according to symptoms and mental detail………

ASTERIAS: Cancer mammae, around nipple,which is sunk in, skin adherent and smooth.livid red spot which ulcerates, discharge-very foetid, ichorous; edges pale , everted ; sternal skin swollen andpainful; auxillary glands swollen , hard knotted ; nocturnal lancinating pains in the tumor.(Lilienthal)

CADM-SULPH: when you have a case of cancer, with burning, prostration and vomiting, cadms will relieve these symptoms for weeks. i have seen them where pains have been relieve. it is a great remedy in gastric irritation of carcinoma, great pslliative, coffee ground vomitings (KENT)

CALC-CARB: Induration of the breast , too early and too profuse menstruation, soreness and swelling of the breast before menses (T.S. lyer)

CALC-I : C.L. Nicholas has cured a number of cases of breast tumors with 3x potencies, nodular tumors, movable tender to touch, painful on moving the arm (CLARKE)

CARCINOSIN: modifies all cases in which either a history of cancer can be elicited or symptoms of disease itself exist (J.H.Clarke)

CONIUM:tumors of suspicious nature in the memmre have been caused to disappear by the use of conium. they are generally the seat of piercing pains, much worse at night. the rest of the gland is abnormally tender. (Dewey)

LAPIS-ALB: Cancer of mammae in scrofulous women. burning ,shooting, stinging pains. Glandular tumors. Cancer as long as ulceration has not set in. (T.S. Iyer)

SCROPH-NOD: Specific affinity for the breast. very useful in dissipation of breast tumors. scrofulous swellings. Epithelioma. Nodosities in breast.
Other medicines are… Alumen,Anantherum,Apis,Apocynum,Arnica,Arsernic,Ars-Iod,