Brest Milk

Brest Milk


Calcarea Carb.             : For increasing Milk.

LacVacc. Defl.            : For reducing Milk supply.

Chinoanthus                : For stopping Milk Supply.

Sabal Ser.                    : For producing milk supply.

Lactusa Virosa            : For increasing milk supply.

Ricinus                        : To produce milk supply in nursing women and even in virgins.

Sticta P.                       : Scanty milk,it increases the quantity even in cases where milk is
suppressed. Always annoyed on account of scantiness of milk.

Borax                          : Milk too thick and tastes badly. This prevents mother from
nursing the child. (This medicine should be given during the
pregnancy so that the milk becomes suitable and tasty to the child
after birth.) Child does not want to take breast due to bad taste of
the milk.

Urtica Ur.                    : For diminished secretion of milk with swelling of breasts. Also
dries up milk in women who are weaning.

Pulatilla                       : For dispersing milk supply in mothers who have stopped suckling their children. It should be given immediately on stopping suckling. If this does not relieve pain or inconvenience, Calcarea Carb, may be tried. It is useful for suppression of milk with the breasts swollen and painful as a result thereof.

Asafoetida                  : For increasing and improving quantity of milk supply. Mamme tugged with milk even without pregnancy.

Lecithin                       : Excellent galactagog, renders milk more nourishing and increases quantity.

Mercurius                    : Milk in breasts instead of menstrual flow. Even in boys when there is milk in breasts, it will be useful. Milk in the breasts of unmarried girls.

Calcarea Phos.             : Child refuses breasts because the milk tastes salty.

Phytolacca                   : Inflammation of breasts when the milk becomes stringy and hangs down from the nipple, coagulated milk; milk scanty , thick , unhealthy and dries up soon. A bloody watery discharge which may continue for years after weaning the infant, is cured by this remedy.

Bufo                            : When milk is bloody.

Aurum Sulph.              : Suppression or disappearance of milk with swelling of mammae.

Lac Can.                      : For drying up milk is too profuse.

Secale Cor                   : Suppression or non-appearance of milk after delivery.

Agnus Castus              : Deficiency of milk with despair of recovery. When milk fails to appear after confinement with this mental state.

Chamomilla                 : When suppression of milk results from a fit of anger.

Alfalfa                         : Increases quality and quantity of milk in nursing women. Give in 5-15 drops doses in mother tincture four times daily.