Face,Mouth,and Lips Cancer

Face,Mouth,and Lips Cancer

These are the following drugs are using for face , mouth and lips cancer. for curing the disease.

Arsenic Alb- cancer of the lower lip. Cancerous growth of the skin of face, rapidly progressing ulceration ,thin bloody offensive discharge ,sharp burning pains and extreme sensitiveness to cold air. Severe pain in the right inferior maxillary nerve .Bites tumbler when drinking Sore lips and ulcers on mouth .Eruptions on lips, contracting quivering or jerking on side of upper lip esp. when falling asleep. Arsernic has cured epithelioma of lips. many casses of cancer have been reported under its use,in both crude form and in potencies. when the subjective symptoms of Ars. are present. it will cure in potencies, when the homeopathicity is more crude, the lower potencies will be requied and in this case Arsernic will act directly on the cancerous tissue. Lips bluish, black, dry with burning pains.

Arsernicum-Iodatum- Epithelioma of lips.

Aurum-Metallicum -Cancer of lower lip with scirrhus like hardness. Painful swelling of the submaxillary glands. Maligant ulcers of the palate. Mental despondency with suicidal disposition, pusgreenish, ichorous, putrid, worse at night and morning, from cold, while reposing. Better from getting warm, moving, while walking.

Benzoicum-Acidum- Ulcerated tumors of left side of the mouth on soft commissures of the jaws, behind last molar.

Causticum- Scirrhus of lips with itching and soreness, which when ulcerated has a violent burning pain, pus bloody or greenish, or corroding or this watery yellow. This remedy has proved beneficial in a few instances of cancer of the face.
cistus-Cancer , open and bleeding of face, open bleeding cancer on lower lip. Bleeding cancer of lower lip. Lupus extends about face, nose, mouth.

Condurango- Cancer of the lower lip. Most efficacious in open cancerous ulcers, where it effectively moderates the severity of the pains. Carcinoma of lips, an ulcean and sinuousulcer with surrounding hardness and swelling, burning pains. Lip inverted, painful crack at angle of mouth. Ulcer on chin,perforating the gums. Lumps on chin, cancer of tongue
Eupionum- On lower portion of inner side of right cheek, a hard nodule, size of a pea. Upper lip fissured and painful as if raw.Lips and throat dry yet without thirst.
Silphium- It has notable effects in cases of cancer of mouth and throat
some other medicines are like Hecla-Lava,Kali-Chloratum,Lachesis, Lycopadium, Mercurius-Corrosivus,Mercurius-Solibilis, Phosphoricum Acidum, Kali-Muriaticum, Phytolacca, Sepia, Silicea, Staphysagria, Tabacum, Thuja, Zincum.
If you will go to cure the disease the disease would not be cured . So we treat the patient mainly on his mental symptom, We are treating a no. of cases of Malignancy and we are treating the case of Malignancy. If we get the patient as early as possible cancer cases before Chemotherapy and Radiation but if we get after the Chemotherapy and Radiation , then the treatment will take a lot of time and it may some times fail too . But in other hand our medicine will surely increase your survival rate too, because our medicine directly acts on increasing immune power of our body against cancer cell.
Our Homoeopathic Medicine- can be taken with all other medicine or alone as you like. It is harmless. It is prepared from Plant. It is completely safe . No side effect , It is diluted in microns No any adverse reaction, It is very-very safe.
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