Know about Pancreas Cancer

Know about Pancreas Cancer

Unknown, However, it is seen in association with smoking , diabetes, chronic Pancreatitis , increased consumption of animal fat and protein and with advancing age.

Adenocarcinoma (90%) which arise from duct cell . Acinar cell carcinoma, epidermoid tumor, islet cell tumor may also develop. A bout 75% arise from head and 25% arise from tail and body of pancreas.

Onset is gradual, Early symptoms are non-specific and hence the disease is diagnosed in advanced stage – A dull persistent non-colicky epigastric pain (70%) , radiating backward with nausea , vomiting and anorexia (particularly for meat) . Cachexia and emotional upset are seen. Obstructive jaundice may develop in case of carcinoma of head of pancreas which is associated with distended and palpable gall bladder (courvoisier’s law) , Diabetes , Cushing’s Syndrome , hypocalcaemia , migratory thrombophlebitis (Trousseau’s sign) may develop. There may be G.I bleeding. Bone pain and subcutaneous nodule may also develop. Sometimes a hard fixed slightly tender mass may be present in the epigastric region.

Carcino embryonic antigen (CEA), Alpha fetoprotein and galactosyl transferase Isoenzyme-II (GT-I) are increased but these non-specific changes .Blood sugar is high (10%-20%), serum amylase, lipase may be elevated, ca 19-9 is higher than 40u/ml ,high conjugated bilirubin and alkaline phosphate indicate obstructive jaundice. Occult blood test is positive when the lesion is in ampulla or water. Ultrasonography, CT scan , MRI,ERCP and selective Angiography’s are help Ct and MRI may detect pancreatic mass in about 80% cases. A-meal X-ray reveals enlargement of ‘C’ loop of duodenum with irregularity.

Surgical removal of tumour mass is possible only in 10%-20% cases. When this is not possible cholecystojejunostomy or endoscopic stenting is done.Gastrojejunostomy is also done when duodenal obstruction is expected. Palliative combined chemo and irradiation may also be done.
Diet- Low fat (Oil, milk, cheese)
High fiber (Vegitables,beans, peas, nuts, fruit, cereals , whole grain bread)
No tobacco, no smoking.
Our Homoeopathic Medicine- can be taken with all other medicine or alone as you like. It is harmless. No side effect , It is diluted in microns No any adverse reaction, It is very-very safe.


Cadmium Iod- It is a very good and dependable drugs in Pancrease cancer because it works on all Lymphatic system . and it covers three miasam of Dr. Hanemann. Cadmium Iodatum has and aggravation from extreme heat, as well as from extreme cold. As a rule, this patient becomes less chilled than when under the influencee of other Cadmiums due to the iodine compenent of the remedy.

Pancreatinum-This has been used with success in conditions due to disease or faulty action of the pancrease on the analogy of Thyroid in and the other Sarcodes., It is a combination of seeral digestive enzymes. It is good action and it covers all type of pancreatic disease.

Ceonthus – this medicine is used in leukemia. It invovles in ca disease for that it is very use full in this pancrease disease.

Calc Ars- It is frequently use in pancreatic disease, it relieved the burning pain in cancer o pancrease. It will continue for a year for pancreatice cancer.

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