Diet For Nephritis / Albuminaria / Reduce your dialysis Reduce your Urea -Creatine


In world, the kidney patients are increasing day by day. These people usually take Dialysis which doesn’t cure but it goes on reduces the your survival life and Due to financial problem the poor patients are unable to take dialysis for long time and also with Kidney transplanent . Because in dialysis every time requires blood transfusion. But in Homoeopathic medicine can reduce your UREA from body by following HOMOEOPATHIC MEDICNE + DIET CHART + STEAM BATH.

The Diet & Steam Bath Instruction are given below and
Plz. follow for rapid recovery,if any change in symptoms.
Then please inform me as quick as possible.

Please try it and see the result in a day.

Dr. Deoshlok Sharma

Diet Instruction to be followed Strictly


Salt , Baking Powder , Soda Bicarbonate, Canned Food ,Items , bacon, ham, sausages, cheese
chips, nuts, popcorn, biscuits, pappads, all variety of soft drinks containing sodium benzoate, commercial salad dressings and sauces, soup, cubes, proprietory drinks – bournvita and chocolate drinks. Food to be cooked without salt and no extra salt to be used, total intake of liquid including coffee, teas, buttermilk not to exceed 300-500ml per day.


Fruit Juice,squash and bottled drinks , vegetables soup,tender coconut water, malted beverages like boast, bournvita, horlicks, chocolate and chocolate drinks, coca and coca products, jam jelleies, dried fruits and nuts , sauces, ketchups and tinned food, mint chutney and coconuts chutney, raw vegetables eg. Green salad.


All vegetables to be cooked well and eaten, only 100gm of fruit/day is permitted. Diet is only Roti (Wheat Bread)+ Sag(green leafy vegetable)+Dal(Rahar) pulse or 20gms of curd without salt.

1. control of sodium Chloride (Common Salt) intake not more than 2 gms per day.
2. Water in take equivalent to the volume of urine passed or not more than 300ml-500ml per day.
3. Toxic diet should strictly be avoided eg. Smoking, tea, coffee, Alcohol, drugs.
4. You have to stop the uses of all medicines except those necessary fro the treatment of High Blood Pressure , Cardiac Disease, Thyroid Problem or Diabetes.
5. Avoid use of Air Conditioning.

STEAM BATH (will reduce the Dialysis)

1. Before going to Steam bath you must gently applying 20 drops of Urtica Urens Q (Homoeopathic mother tinctures) should be mixed in a mug full of water and apply this water mixed with tincture by towel all over the body. In case the presence of urea in the blood high as 100 mg in blood plasma then this exercise of steam should be carried out twice a day.

2. The steam bath may be taken outside or at home in the same manner as described above by placing the tub of steaming hot water near your feet and covering your entire body(without cloths on), the chair tub of hot water with blanket until you begin sweating. Please don’t forget to put a towel drenched with cold water over your head before taking steam bath.

3. Take first our Toxic – Four doses per day morning (empty stomach) – noon (before lunch)- evening (at any time) – night (before dinner) on the tongue without water.

4. Take our Nephron – Four doses per day morning (empty stomach) – noon (before lunch)- evening (at any time) – night (before dinner) on the tongue without water.

5. It is imperative to send blood urea/creatinine reports once in a week by post or email quoting your Regd. No. for study at our end.

6. The above treatment will continue till the normal value is achieved.