Hyperactivity of Child

Hyperactivity of Child

Hyper kinetic Behavior, A very active child

You cannot change the behavior of hyperactive child by just pointing out the activity you want to get rid of it . But by this you may increase it further . Behavioural characteristic of a person depends upon each individual cell present in our body. But Homoeopathic medicine are the safest medicine which are capable to reduce the hyperactivity of your child because it directly works on the brain. The normal course of medicines is one year , but you can see the result within three months only.So , Why are you waiting for , If your child has any type of such hyperactivity send us the detail of that activity and we will send you the medicine at your doorstep.

(Please note the Hyperactivity in grown stages may directly affect the development of your child.)

Now a day, Hyperactivity, disease is increasing day to day in children and this has become headache of the parent. This disease is usually found in maximum child. As they start speaking very late. These children are very naughty but only in there homes they can never sit still but when they are out they are afraid of the crowd. These children require monitoring of their parent. Other wise they would cause so much of disturbances by spoiling the work etc. These behaviors commonly refer to constant activity easy distractibility, impulsive, inability to attentiveness, very aggressive. It also include excessive talking, wandering habits which makes difficulty in participating in “SILENT” activities like reading. These diseases cannot be defined easily as it depends on the tolerance of the observer. These children when compared to others are clearly far more active which creates problems in making friends.
Some children are very unhappy and depressed because of there hyperactivity work. This is often considered more problems for school and parent than for affected child. Unhappy because they are inability of creating communication with other children with foxy behavior.
Child is compared as SPIDER. It can be studied by the behavior of the other animal-the ‘fox’ the behavior, movement, response, emotions all explain and support of the foxy behavior. Company aversion to desires dark, lies down in dark, contradiction, not to be talked to, cannot bear to be looked at.

If we observe these children, they are sly and crafty. They require constant vigilance and monitoring. Somebody or other must keep a check on them all the time. Just as simple example. if you tell a child not to touch something like an expensive Chinese vase then as soon as you move your attention away, they will move their hand slowly and drop it, then laugh about it finally say sorry with such sorry pitiable face that you are helpless.

Disobedience forms the basis of hyperactivity. This child does not listen or pay heed to his parents. He is very head strong and will do whatever he wishes to do. He does not want to be guided, scolded or forced to do thing. Right form infancy he will resist anything that he does not want to do. As he grows up end if forced for something he gets very angry and violent. If he cannot harm you physically, he will use abusive and foul language. They do not like contradiction. Slightest contradiction can lead to anger and violence. The violence is so severe so that he can strike out at other or even himself.

All efforts, movement are sudden and unpredictable. They are like a Fox. Their behavior is revengeful, malicious, spiteful and vindictive. Their response is destructive full of mania and madness. These child have habit of hiding things from other, he is very cunning. He calculates his advantage in all his relationships. He will always rush and take the best seat. He will take the biggest piece of cake and will not feel bad about it.

He can speak falsehood very easily and without any hesitation. He will lie with such confidence that everybody will believe it to be true. Hyperactive child has a habit of stealing things right from child hood. They steal pencils, books, erasers etc are not ashamed about it. He will curse and swear to prove his points. The inhuman attitude is obvious right from childhood, .They are very cruel and brutal in their handling. They kill small animals, birds and take great pleasure in doing so. If you ask them a question they will reply shortly and curtly. Their way of talking is normally threatening and instigative. At the same time you will find them complaining about behaviors of others. The causative factors are scolding, punishment, disappointment , admonition , bad news, good news, excitement grief, sorrow and injury sepsis, reproaches, sensory impressions, alone of being , fear of people. A Hyperactivity child, like a spider, cannot be steady at one place. He desires movement, flexibility and cannot sit in one position. He is always on the move. In doctor’s clinic, he will not sit at one place for a short while, will touch things, and will shake things. Will break things, will go out and come inside the cabin repeatedly and so on .In short tremendously restless. Hyperactivity has marked anxiety, anxiety which has no basis or it is causeless. This anxiety is felt in the stomach. His behavior is contrary- one minute he behaves mildly other minute rudely. He behaves contrary to his promises.

Whenever it comes to handling responsibilities, he will look at others as if he is under a great stress and gets paroxysms of faintness. Patient gets very irritable, violent on seeing red yellow, green, black colors. They take care that nobody is watching them. Hyper activity there is always a want of moral feelings. The patient is predominantly extroverted by nature. He is excitable, irritable and expresses himself very clearly. Nobody can touch him, nobody can look at him. Dancing and music is something which ameliorates, to great extent. While dancing they are cheerful and exhilarated. They enjoy but their movement are not rhythmic, they are not coordinated they are like spider. Is associated with singing, tearing of cloths abusive languages etc. They are violent, with desire to torture oneself or desire to beat others. Laughter is involuntary, hysterical, and silly, with a stupid expression. As the disease progresses there is insanity and madness. The patient tears cloths, pulls his own hairs. There is marked restlessness. Esp. Legs. Patient is active and is always in a hurry. Hurry, haste while walking, while reading and while talking. He must constantly keep himself busy or must walk all the time. Intense, excited, impatient, haste while talking, walking, reading, must constantly be busy, or must walk. He is very busy in fruitlessly. There is marked desire to work.

Treatment: The success result is very high in homoeopathic we are curing no. of patinet. becuse our medicine act on directly to the brain . Homoeopathic medicine diverts the brain to do and patient is cure. The following medicine is used according to symptoms and behavior call cina, Chamomilla, Tarentula H, Gelsimium, Argent Nit, Nux vomica, Cheriplum, Rescue is some times neede to cure the hyperactivity of the child.